WeldWise™ 2400
Dynamic Resistance Weld
Measure and graph Current, Voltage, Force, and Electrode Displacement
Select up to 15 master weld schedules using binary select input
Works with AC resistance welders
Works with spot and projection welders
Date and time stamping of weld data
On-screen waveform data display
Ethernet network ready
Stores data before and after the weld for graphic analysis of squeeze and hold time
Common user interface for the WeldWise 2400 and POD monitors
Out-of-tolerance notification of individual weld parameters
Trending of historical weld data
Easy data exchange with Microsoft Office®

Working from a set of parameters and tolerances that you provide, WeldWise™ 2400 gives a complete report of the critical factors affecting overall weld quality.

Thirteen factors in all can be monitored using Livingston equipment, including
Electrode Displacement,
Dynamic Resistance,
Conduction Angle,
Expansion and

Each time a weld is made, its individual characteristics are instantly recorded. This "signature" is then analyzed and compared to a "master signature". Individual welds can then be either accepted or rejected. Through this process, weld integrity can be closely observed and significantly improved.

Weld Process Quality

Take the guesswork out of welding by precisely monitoring and recording the critical characterisitics of each individual weld. Based on design principles pioneered by Livingston, the Weldwise 2400 benchtop monitor incorporates proven technology to let you check weld quality in real-time.


2Gb hard drive for weld data and program storage
Standard 1.4 Mb diskette drive for easy data transfer to a PC
Accept and reject N/O or N/C relays rated at 1A 24VAC/DC
Optional connection to external video monitor, mouse, or keyboard
Built-in 10Base2 Ethernet connectivity
Monitor dimensions: 11" x 11" x 4.5"
Highly readable electro-luminescent graphics display
Power input: 120-230VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Weight: 20 lbs
Built-in Thermal Printer (58mm wide)
A variety of sensors available
Isolated on-board signal conditioning circuits for interfacing with sensors and third party devices
Four simultaneous sampling 16-bit Analog to Digital Converters
Pentium CPU, onboard Digital Signal Processor
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Measured Parameters
Current: 1 - 45KA; RMS and Peak (Higher currents supported with special-order toroids)
Voltage: 0.1 - 1OV; RMS and Peak
Force: Differential DC input; 10VDC excitation load cells and pressure sensors
Displacement: Differential DC input; 1OVDC excitation, electronic zeroing
Conduction Angle (degrees)
Projection Weld Setdown (inches, millimeters)
Weld Nugget Expansion (inches, millimeters)
Dynamic Resistance (micro-Ohms)
Projection Nut Weld #694 Location #2