Overview -
from Douglas Livingston

More than IT

Bridging the Gap
Between the Factory Floor & Management

Livingston's corporate priority and imperative is our customers' ability to make informed decisions with the rich data available through effective process monitoring. Our expertise targets and ensures critical management capability of this common thread that runs through the core of industrial automation. The breadth of our customer base and our depth of experience with process monitoring tools and data make Livingston's expanding knowledge base of issues and solutions particularly valuable. Livingston understands the vital nature of rapid and efficient response to quality issues is key to our customers' sustained profitability.

Real time - Every time accountability of the production line's process data is the crucial element, be it monitoring the making of safety-critical parts to exacting MVSS or ISO standards, setting and maintaining machine performance specifications, or maintenance diagnostics and scheduling. Production line process data is essential for demonstrating compliance with contract Quality Standards. In today's market, quality assurance and trace-ability is critical to the enterprise.

Livingston POD technology bridges the gap between real-time process data from the production floor and Statistical Process Control (SPC) software systems and/or Management Information Systems (MIS). Lag-time between process data and usable SPC statistics leads to batch failure and whole shipments being rejected. The production floor mantra is "get control of your process". Livingston's ongoing success is directly dependent upon our customers' need to use our systems to gain sustained, quantifiable efficiencies on their production lines. Livingston must be of genuine service. In technology there are no limits for improvements in performance, function, or value. Our objective is to be our customers' first choice in bringing real-time process data "up-the-pipe" to Management where its not data its usable production information.

Most important, customers today expect more from their systems and the people competing for their business. For many customers, process control data is evolving from a productivity tool to a strategic competitive tool. Fully networked information systems are being applied across the entire operation to track critical quality control, materials flow or anticipate production bottle necks.

When manufacturers choose a supplier, they expect more than technical proficiency and competitive cost. Livingston provides reliability, ease of use and support. We have an integrated spectrum of customer solutions in hardware, software, training, and creative consulting for unique applications, all tailored to your organization's specific needs. Expertise from a single source vendor: Livingston partners with customers to deliver solutions to production problems, Real time - Every time.

Livingston & Company’s Resistance Weld Monitoring Systems assess weld quality - in process - for spot, seam and projection welds. Parameters such as Current, Voltage, Force, Electrode Displacement, Projection Weld Setdown and Nugget Growth are processed, analyzed and then compared to a master "signature." Welds are then accepted or rejected based upon user-defined tolerances.

Increased product quality and reduced destructive testing are two of the primary benefits of Livingston's POD ™ and WeldWise ™ 2400 networked weld monitors. Monitoring weld quality "in process" can make forty-year-old machines work smart and new machines work smarter!