Networked Multi-Head
Resistance Weld
Compact, modular units mount directly at the weld head
THE POD™ supports DeviceNet networks for easy integration with factory automation systems
Microsoft Windows NT® client software provides real-time access to weld data and setup parameters
Easy data exchange with Microsoft Office®
Works with AC resistance welders
Works with spot, projection, and seam welders Real-Time Monitoring of Weld Quality

Working from a set of parameters and tolerances that you provide, THE POD™ gives a complete report of the critical factors affecting overall weld quality.

Thirteen factors in all can be monitored using Livingston equipment, including
Electrode Displacement,
Dynamic Resistance,
Conduction Angle,
Expansion and

Each time a weld is made, its individual characteristics are instantly recorded. This "signature" is then analyzed and compared to a "master signature". Individual welds can then be either accepted or rejected. Through this process, weld integrity can be closely observed and significantly improved.

THE POD™ weld monitoring system is scalable and adaptable to your complex automated factory lines. Compliance with MVSS and ISO 9000 requirements has never been easier!

The open DeviceNet architecture enables THE POD™ Monitoring System to track specific weld parameters throughout the factory. DeviceNet capability allows THE POD™ monitors to interface with third-party PLCs and other open factory automation devices.


Measured Parameters
Current: 1 - 45KA; RMS and Peak (Higher currents supported with special-order toroids)
Voltage: 0.1 - 1OV; RMS and Peak
Force: Differential DC input; 1OVDC excitation for load cells and pressure sensors
Displacement: Differential DC input; 1OVDC excitation, electronic zeroing
Conduction Angle (degrees)
Projection Weld Setdown (inches, millimeters)
Weld Nugget Expansion (inches, millimeters)
Power consumed per weld (calculated)
Dynamic Resistance (micro-Ohms)
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Isolated on-board signal conditioning circuits for interfacing with sensors and third party devices
Four simultaneous sampling 16-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters
Pentium CPU, onboard Digital Signal Processor
Maximum 60 POD™ monitors per network
Field upgradeable software without unit disassembly